Our Mission

Our goal at Socially Sound Therapy Solutions is to provide exceptional, evidence-based services, in order to maximize each individual’s potential. This is accomplished by providing services that are individualized and patient-centered, focusing on each individual's needs, and including parents, caregivers, and loved ones in the therapeutic process through education and training.

What Makes Us Different


You or your loved one will have the consistency of one therapist, allowing us to establish familiarity and trust.


At this time, we provide in-home therapy services, meaning the therapist will travel to you and provide services in a familiar location (i.e. home, daycare, group home, senior living) and in a functional environment.


No waiting list! You or your loved one can get the support and treatment they need NOW. In addition, therapists at Socially Sound Therapy Solutions maintain a manageable caseload to ensure the highest quality of service. For this reason, we welcome clients who are motivated or have the necessary familial support to complete home programming and follow through with recommendations outside of sessions in order to promote generalization and carryover of skills.


There is no “one size fits all” approach. The therapist will generate a Plan of Care with goals that are customized for each individual client to meet their specific needs. The therapist will use a variety of techniques and materials best suited for each client’s age, development, and interests.


A variety of scheduling options and times are available to fit your busy schedule. Sessions can be 45 minutes or 60 minutes in duration.

About the Owner

Photo of Kaci Muecke
Kaci Muecke, MS, CCC-SLP
Owner / Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

After experiencing a number of different service delivery models, Kaci decided to create a unique practice driven by compassion, competence, and integrity, without the limitations that speech-language pathologists often face in other settings, such as excessive paperwork, large caseloads, productivity requirements, limited session duration, and state mandated criteria for eligibility to receive services. As a result, Socially Sound Therapy Solutions, LLC was created, allowing her to focus on what is most important. She is now able to utilize her knowledge and skills acquired from a variety of work settings in order to provide the best quality care. Kaci takes great pride in ensuring that services are evidence-based and individualized. To optimize success, Kaci views parent and caregiver education and training as a key element of the therapeutic process. She looks forward to working with you!

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