Welcome to Soundtherapy

I called my practice Soundworks because I believe there is work to be done and sound is an amazing tool to affect some of the most important work we will ever undertake. That is the work on ourselves. Life can be a rollercoaster at times leaving us with experiences or situations, traumas or events that can set us ‘out of tune’. Sound helps us reset and restore or ‘retune’.

I create safe, comfortable spaces where we work with the resonant frequencies of sound tools to treat blockages in the body. These may be mental, physical or emotional – the benefits are vast. You can head to the about section for a more in depth explanation of how sound works in therapy.

While my focus is individual, one on one treatments I also hold regular group sound meditations. I use a variety of tuned metal Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and the beautiful Handpan. I’m based in North West London but am able to travel upon request. Take a look around, get in touch, ask a question, book a session, let’s enjoy some work with sound together.

I would like to share my review of sound therapy. It is an incredible and effective practice that has helped me cope with stress, improve concentration, and achieve deep relaxation.

Sound therapy is based on the use of sounds and music to stimulate natural health and well-being. I have tried various forms of sound therapy, including sound baths, sound massages, and meditations using sound instruments such as Tibetan bowls, gongs, and crystal pyramids.

One of the main effects of sound therapy for me is deep relaxation and a reduction in stress levels. The sounds and vibrations help me release tension, calm my mind, and restore energy. I have also noticed that sound therapy enhances my ability to focus and improves the quality of my sleep.

One of the most exhilarating experiences for me was immersing myself in a sound bath. When the sounds surround you from all directions, you are immersed in a state of deep peace and bliss. It is a wonderful way to disconnect from everyday concerns and dive into the world of sound and inner tranquility.

I highly recommend sound therapy to anyone looking for relaxation methods, improvement in physical and mental health, as well as exploring new forms of meditation and self-development. It can be particularly beneficial for those experiencing chronic stress or sleep issues. Overall, sound therapy offers an incredible journey into the world of sound and inner healing.